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ATKV as development partner

About seven years ago the ATKV board adopted a diversification strategy to, among other things, be involved in the development and establishment of a secure lifestyle housing footprint for the fifty-plussers in South Africa. Negester Klein-Kariba and Negester Onrusrivier were the first steps taken towards implementing this strategy.

ATKV as cultural organisation

The ATKV was founded in Cape Town in 1930 by twelve members as an organisation where people could share the good of Afrikaans. Today it is the cultural home of Afrikaans with approximately 70 000 members and the host of 30 cultural projects a year that generate almost 55 000 entries and involve more than 220 000 people directly.

ATKV Resorts

The ATKV has seven breathtaking holiday resorts situated in the most beautiful parts of South Africa. These resorts are: Buffelspoort (near Rustenburg), Drakensville (nestled in the foothills of the majestic Amphitheatre in the Northern Drakensberg), Eiland Spa (near Phalaborwa, within the Hans Merensky-nature reserve), Goudini Spa (near Worcester, Cape Winelands), Hartenbos (near Mossel Bay), Klein-Kariba (near Bela-Bela) and Natalia (near Winkelspruit, Natal South Coast).

Buffelspoort ATKVBuffelspoort ATKVDrakensville ATKVDrakensville ATKVEiland Spa ATKVGoudini Spa ATKVHartenbos ATKVKlein Kariba ATKVNatalia ATKV 

Want to know more about the ATKV?

The ATKV is a modern leading company that manages social and economic progress in a sustainable manner, ensuring that the living heritage of the Afrikaans language is expanded and preserved. Negester is proud to be associated with the ATKV.