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Negester Klein-Kariba



Negester Onrusrivier


Care centre nurse with patient

A sanctuary for gentle care

Both Negester Klein-Kariba and Negester Onrusrivier offer valued home care and frail care services.

“It is (also) our aim to provide home care at each Negester as a service option, and to build modern and well-equipped care centres that make provision for residents’ medical needs and in so doing ensure peace of mind.”

Schalk Cilliers

Negester Klein-Kariba rainbow

Shine bright!

“… and may the Southern Cross and Nine-star shine brighter in your soul than the city lights.”

Well-known Afrikaans author and poet, D.J. Opperman's poem, "Negester en stedelig", was the inspiration behind the development of the Negester brand and slogan, and our vision expands on this.  

ATKV resort - mountain view

Negester's development partner

With the backing of the ATKV, we have access to choice properties.

“With the ATKV as development partner, Negester can give clients, owners and investors the assurance that its lifestyle estates will be developed and managed in a sustainable and responsible manner.”

Dawid Malherbe

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